No! – We use advanced technology which means it is quick and pain free! Read our testimonials and reviews on social media to hear how our customers found the experience comfortable and pain free!

Yes! – We patch test all hair colours, as long as there is a bit of colour it usually works!

Book in now for a FREE patch test – you will then see the results for yourself when the patch grows in much less and smoother!

Although the diode laser damages many follicles, complete hair removal is impossible. It is 80-90% effective.

6-8 sessions are recommended, however mantenance sessions will be required.

clients with underlying medical conditions such as PCOS will require a longer term treatment plan.

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sunbed – 7 days before or 7 days after
– tanning – 24 hours after treatment must be off for coming into treatment!!

Permanent hair removal is achieved in a short time, improving the quality of the skin. It also helps to remove cystic hair and improves problems with folliculitis, carbuncles, hypertrichosis and hidradenitis.

Primelase excellence allows to treat different pathologies with a single equipment. Benign pigmentary lesions, such as lentigines or sunspots, could be treated with the Alex and Diode wavelengths. Thanks to the high power, the results are excellent and with only one session the elimination of these injuries is achieved completely.

Vascular lesions, such as spider veins in the legs or ruby ​​points on the face and body, have been treated with the Yag wavelength. For this type of injury, the high power of the diode laser has allowed to obtain spectacular results of emptying the varicose veins with only one laser shot per area, thus being very precise and fast.

The Yag and Blend wavelengths have offered good results in skin rejuvenation treatments. This consists of performing a sweep for a few minutes on the area to be treated, to increase the temperature of the deep dermis that stimulates the creation of collagen and elastin. Both Yag and Blend wavelengths have also proven to be very effective in the treatment of acne and fungi in fingernails and skin (onychomycosis).

Anywhere there is hair with enough pigment to attract the laser light.

Laser Hair Removal is highly effective on the full body, even on sensitive areas such as the bikini line. With our primelase machine all skin types are suitable for it! Give it a try.

Yes of course! we have many male clients and they have seen amazing results as they normally have more hair on their bodies. From an entire back, chest or even stomach!

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