Every skin type has its specific needs, and #black #skin is not any different. Be careful! If you use a product that is not indicated for your skin, it may even get harmed, so here you have five #timetomakeanewstart tips to look better than ever for this year’s #summer:

  • One of the most common issues with dark skin is #dryness. You must use a moisturizer specially formulated to your needs every day (both am and pm). You’ll be surprised how different your skin will look once it’s properly hydrated!
  • At the same time, skin with high concentrations of melanin may be prone to #acne. To prevent this, adopt the routine of cleaning your skin twice a day with a light product, created with your needs in mind. You’ll soon enjoy a cool and glowing skin!
  • Although dark skin has, by definition, more tolerance to UVA-UVB rays, you can also get burned and suffer premature ageing! Protect yourself throughout the year with a #sunscreen suitable to your tone, and you will see the benefits of this daily effort both in the short and long term.
  • A high phototype is usually linked to strong and curly hair. Have you ever experienced ingrowns? Say goodbye to this inconvenient and sometimes even painful issue with the #diode #laser permanent #hair#removal. Always demand to be treated with an appropiate wavelength, like #Blend by #primelaseHRexcellence. Otherwise, you could suffer severe burns!
  • And as with all types of skin, black skin will also benefit from a healthy and balanced #diet. Get inspired and try new flavors in fun salads and fruit mixes. Besides, they’re really inviting in the heat of the summer we wouldn’t eat anything else!

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