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But if you are wanting some at home tips for glowing and youthful looking skin then keep reading.

Hydrate Yourself.

This is the most important of all beauty tips for younger looking skin. Water makes up to around 65% of your body, and depriving yourself of it is a big no no to fabulous skin.

Drink 8-10 glasses of water to keep your skin hydrated.Carry a bottle wherever you go, do not deprive your skin of water.Switch to tender coconut water; it is healthier than the aerated drinks that lead to toxin releases in the body, causing breakouts.

Sun Protection.

Stay sun safe by using sunscreens. It helps prevent early wrinkles and skin cancer. Use a sunscreen with a high SPF. Re-apply the sunscreen as and when required. Also, use cosmetics that have sun protection factor in them. Unless you are getting photographed, the SPF shouldn’t be a problem.

Avoid Sulfates.

Sulfates are surfactans in most market based cleansers – Face washes and soaps that strip you skin of its natural oils, this will make your skin feel dry and flakey. Opt for products that do not contain parabens, sulphates and silicones.

Manage your stress. When you feel stressed or anxious, it ages your skin. Experiencing persistent stress and anxiety leads to the production of cortisol, an inflammatory hormone that breaks down collagen. Cortisol also causes redness, irritation, and breakouts.

To combat stress, set aside time to relax. Yoga, progressive relaxation, and deep breathing exercises are excellent ways to quell your nerves and lower your stress levels. To combat the negative side effects of stress on your skin, increase your consumption of antioxidants. Eat blueberries, oranges, and leafy greens

Sleeping Positions.

Snoozing on your stomach or the same side of your face every night pushes your face into your pillow for long periods of time. “After years, this can manifest as more lines and wrinkles,” says Dr. Kim. Sleeping on your back is your best bet for avoiding skin crinkles, but if that’s not comfortable, at least alternate which side of your face you sleep on during the night.

Avoid Extra Salt.

Too much sodium, especially before bedtime, can cause your eyelids to retain excess fluid, says Dr. Kim. For added protection, try sleeping on an extra pillow, which allows you to slightly elevate your head and prevent fluid from pooling in your skin. Follow these everyday habits to help your whole body look younger from head to toe.

Coconut Oil.

A single application of pure coconut oil a day is sufficient to keep the skin soft, supple, and radiant. Apply it and massage gently for 30 minutes before your bath daily to see visible results. You can warm it slightly to enable better absorption by the skin pores. Coconut oil contains lauric acid, an anti-microbial ingredient that helps the oil to act as a deep cleansing and makeup removing agent. This healthy fat contains works as an antioxidant, which means using coconut oil regularly will slow down ageing process while safeguarding the skin from free radical damages.

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